The Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Trivia Quiz - An Unauthorized Doctor Who Companion

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By:Don J. Krouskop
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Released:  April 2011
Publisher:  BearManor Media
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
It’s a trivia quiz!
It’s an episode guide!
It’s bigger on the inside than the outside!

Test your knowledge of the most popular, enduring science-fiction series in the world with this comprehensive Doctor Who trivia quiz. With more than 1000 questions, covering every period in the program’s five-decade history, it’s the ultimate challenge for fans of television’s #1 cult classic. In these pages, you’ll find questions like:

  • Who knitted the Fourth Doctor’s trademark scarf?
  • ”The Doctor’s Daughter” guest star Georgia Moffett is the real-life daughter of what former Doctor Who star?
  • What alien race built the Genesis Ark?
  • The first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast just one day after what real-life tragedy?
  • How many holes are there inside the lock on the TARDIS door?
  • Dalek creator Terry Nation co-produced what iconic 1980s U.S. television action series?

Are you ready to put your Time Lord expertise on trial? Can you be the Master of Doctor Who minutiae? Only time will tell...

Don J. Krouskop is a critic, film/TV historian, screenwriter, and rabid Doctor Who fan. He lives with his wife, four dogs, and four cats in Columbus, Ohio.

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