Short Trips: Transmissions - A Short-Story Anthology

No. 28 of 32 in the Short Trips short story collections series
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By:Richard Salter (ed.)
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Released:  July 2008
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: hardback
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Cover blurb:

If you lost the ability to communicate, what would your life be like? Messages, and the media we use to convey them, surround us every minute of every day. Some are meant for us alone, while others are intended to reach the widest possible audience. Some transmissions are intercepted by unintended recipients and never reach their destination. Others get corrupted along the way.

The Doctor knows how important it is to be understood. Whether he is striving to cure a disease that turns words into gibberish, responding to an SOS from the end of time, or unravelling secret messages encoded into the genetic sequences that make up life itself, this is one Time Lord who always knows how to make himself heard.

Listen up. Get the message. Keep this frequency clear.

Featuring stories by Lou Anders, George Mann, Dan Abnett, Andy Lane, Steve Lyons and many more!


  • Doctor Who and the Adaptation of Death by Graeme Burk
  • Policy to Invade by Ian Mond
  • Only Connect by Andy Lane
  • Gudok by Mags L. Halliday
  • Generation Gap by Lou Anders
  • Lonely by Richard Wright
  • Blue Road Dance by James Milton
  • Tweaker by Dan Abnett
  • Link by Pete Kempshall
  • Driftwood by Dale Smith
  • Methuselah by George Mann
  • Nettles by Kelly Hale
  • Larkspur by Mark Stevens
  • See No Evil by Steve Lyons
  • iNtRUsioNs by Dave Hoskin
  • Breadcrumbs by James Moran
  • Transmission Ends by Richard Salter

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