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Myth Makers: Peter Miles

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Starring: Peter Miles
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Edition: UK UK (DVD)
Released:  August 2006
Publisher:  Reeltime Pictures
Format: 1 x DVD

Description:  Interview with the veteran British actor best known to Doctor Who fans for playing the villainous Nyder, right-hand man to Davros, in the classic Fourth Doctor TV story Genesis of the Daleks.

Cover blurb:
“The time for going into the studio is for complete discipline and doing your job... and you expect something to go wrong."

PETER MILES is best known to DOCTOR WHO fans for his role in the classic GENESIS OF THE DALEKS. His portrayal of NYDER, the cynical, ruthless and devoted aide to DAVROS — creator of the Daleks — won him praise and a fame he hadn’t known before.

During a long and successful career, PETER played two other parts in DOCTOR WHO... as Doctor Charles Lawrence in THE SILURIANS and Professor Whitaker in INVASION OF THE DINOSAURS.

In this MYTH MAKERS, PETER chats about his career, his roles in DOCTOR WHO and just why NYDER has become such an icon amongst the plethora of evil henchmen in the programme’s history.


  • Biography and Behind the Scenes.

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