Monsters and Villains

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By:Justin Richards
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Editions:  UK (paperback) | Japan (paperback)
Description:  Guide to Doctor Who aliens and monsters. Followed by the similar Aliens and Enemies and Creatures and Demons.

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Edition: UK (paperback)
Released:  May 2005
Publisher:  BBC Books
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
For over forty years, the Doctor has battled against the monsters and villains of the universe. This book, by Doctor Who expert Justin Richards, brings together the best — or rather the worst — of his enemies.

Discover why the Daleks are so deadly; how the Yeti invade London; the secret of the Loch Ness Monster; and how the Cybermen have survived. Learn who the Master is, and — above all — how the Doctor defeats them all.

Whether you read it on or behind the sofa, this book provides a wealth of information about the monsters and villains that have made Doctor Who the galactic phenomenon that it is today.

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Edition: Japan (paperback)
Released:  September 2006
Publisher:  Unknown
Format: paperback

Cover blurb:
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