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Sherlock Holmes Meets Dr Who - Music for Brass and Saxophone

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Starring: The Fine Arts Brass Ensemble & The Phoenix Saxophone Quartet
By:Carey Blyton
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Released:  September 1999
Publisher:  Upbeat Classics
Format: 1 x CD
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Note:  Contains a mixture of various brass and saxophone pieces by Carey Blyton, 9 of which are re-recorded incidental pieces from the 3 Doctor Who stories Blyton worked on in the 1970s — specifically, tracks 14-16 are from Doctor Who and the Silurians, tracks 17-19 are from Revenge Of The Cybermen and tracks 20-22 are from Death To The Daleks.

Cover blurb:
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Track listing:

  1. March: The Game’s Afoot!
  2. Baker Street Conversation
  3. Porky Johnson & The Baker Street Irregulars
  4. Scenes From Holmes’ London
  5. Professional Colleagues
  6. Professor Moriarty - ‘The Napoleon Of Crime’
  7. Finale: Victoria Triumphans!
  8. The Return Of Bulgy Gogo
  9. The Velvet Gentleman
  10. Up The Faringdon Road!
  11. Sweet & Sour Rag
  12. Hark! The Merry Gentlemen
  13. Eilgut-Galopp
  14. In The Caves
  15. A Close Encounter
  16. March: The Brigadier
  17. Deep Space
  18. Vogan March
  19. ‘All’s Well ... That Ends Well!’
  20. A Desolate Landscape
  21. Chants & Variants
  22. Dalek ‘March’ & Retreat
  23. Idyll
  24. March
  25. Blues
  26. Scherzo
  27. Homage To Czerny
  28. Echoes
  29. In Memoriam Scott Fitzgerald
  30. Mock Joplin
  31. Saxe Blue
  32. Captain Bowsprit’s Blues

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