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Terror of the Zygons - also includes The Seeds of Doom

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Starring: Geoffrey Burgon
By:Geoffrey Burgon
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Released:  January 2000
Publisher:  BBC Music
Format: 1 x CD
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Note:  Music soundtrack to the two classic Fourth Doctor stories Terror of the Zygons and The Seeds of Doom.

Cover blurb:

Track listing:

  1. Doctor Who Opening Title Theme

    Terror of the Zygons:

  2. The Destruction of Charlie Rig
  3. A Landing in Scotland
  4. Murder and Mystery on Tulloch Moor
  5. Wreckage
  6. The Zygons Attack
  7. Decompression
  8. The Zygons’ Ultimate Weapon
  9. Trance
  10. False Harry
  11. Monster On The Moor
  12. Death at the Inn/Hunt for a Zygon
  13. The Secret of Forgill Castle
  14. Ascent and Descent
  15. A Call from Tthe Prime Minister
  16. To London/Death of Broton
  17. The Monster Goes Home
  18. Return Ticket

    The Seeds of Doom

  19. Antarctica: The First Pod
  20. ”It’s Growing!"
  21. Harrison Chase
  22. The Pod Opens
  23. The Galactic Weed
  24. The Creature Attacks
  25. A Plan for Murder/Hunt in the Snow
  26. Sabotage
  27. Chase Receives the Second Pod
  28. The Chauffeur Takes a Detour
  29. A Visit to Harrison Chase
  30. The Hymn of the Plants/Floriana Requiem
  31. Escape and Recapture
  32. The Second Pod Bursts
  33. Keeler’s Transformation Begins
  34. The Composter
  35. The Nurturing of Keeler
  36. ”Get Dunbar!"/Krynoid on the Loose
  37. Amelia Ducat’s Theme
  38. Molotov Cocktail
  39. ”The Plants Must Win”
  40. The Plants Attack
  41. Laser Fire
  42. Trapped
  43. The Final Assault

  44. Doctor Who Closing Title Theme

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