The Worlds of Doctor Who

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Starring: Malcolm Clarke, Peter Howell, Roger Limb & Mark Ayres
By:Malcolm Clarke, Peter Howell, Roger Limb & Mark Ayres
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Released:  May 1994
Publisher:  Silva Screen
Format: 1 x CD
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Note:  Compilation of Doctor Who music with 3 previously-unreleased tracks: Track 18 is the theme music from the video documentary Return to Devils End, while tracks 1 and 19 are new arrangements of the Doctor Who theme, the latter featuring Sylvester McCoy playing the spoons (!)

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Track listing:

  1. * Doctor Who (Ron Grainer arr. Mark Lambert and Ian Hu)
  2. TARDIS — Doctor Who (Grainer)
  3. The World Of Doctor Who (Dudley Simpson)
  4. The Sea Devils (Malcolm Clarke)
  5. The Ark In Space (Dudley Simpson arr. Heathcliff Blair)
  6. Pyramids Of Mars (Simpson arr. Blair)
  7. The Brain Of Morbius (Simpson arr. Blair)
  8. Doctor Who Theme (Grainer arr. Peter Howell)
  9. Meglos (Howell)
  10. The Five Doctors (Howell)
  11. The Caves Of Androzani (Roger Limb)
  12. Myth Makers Theme (Mark Ayres)
  13. Doctor Who — Terror Version (Grainer arr. Dominic Glynn)
  14. Terror In Totters (Mark Ayres)
  15. The Greatest Show In The Galaxy (Ayres)
  16. Ghost Light (Ayres)
  17. The Curse Of Fenric (Ayres)
  18. * Return To Devils End (Ayres)
  19. * Doctor Who (Grainer arr. Hu/Lambert featuring Sylvester McCoy)

*Previously unreleased

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