Short Trips: Monsters - A Short-Story Anthology

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By:Ian Farrington (ed.)
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Released:  September 2004
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: hardback
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Cover blurb:
Whether made of flesh and bone, or created in the deep recesses of the mind, monsters are terrible things...

They hunt, they chase, they stalk.

They don’t stop and they don’t listen to your pleas...

They come after you in the night, when you least expect it; they invade your world when all seems safe.

Monsters features stories that tell tale of such beasts — some real, some imaginary; some alien, some homegrown.

Don’t read it alone...


  • Evil Since The Dawn of Time by Samantha Baker
  • How I Stopped Trying To Kill The Doctor and Learned To Love Myself by Nev Fountain
  • Flashpoint by Matt Grady
  • Categorical Imperative by Simon Guerrier
  • The Touch of the Nurzah by Stephen Hatcher
  • Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life by Anthony Keetch
  • Trapped by Joseph Lidster
  • The Colour of Monsters by Steve Lyons
  • Best Seller by Ian Mond & Danny Heap
  • Chiaroscuro by Jim Mortimore
  • The Last Rites by Marc Platt
  • Screamager by Jacqueline Rayner

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