The Rebel‘s Gamble

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By:William H. Keith Jr.
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Released:  December 1986
Publisher:  FASA
Format: paperback
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Description:  One of two “solo-play adventure games” published by FASA in 1986 — the other was The Vortex Crystal. Basically a more sophisticated version of the Find Your Fate “choose your own adventure” books which had been published earlier the same year.

Cover blurb:
Something was seriously wrong with history...

And the disappearance of a psychiatrist and his patient from the 20th century was only the beginning. In this plot-your-own Doctor Who adventure, The Doctor and his Companions travel back to America at the time of the Civil War. There, they learn that a time-loose rebel soldier has discovered how the war turned out and is hard at work making certain that this time around, the South wins!

Doctor Who plot-your-own adventures are a new concept in interactive fiction, combining the detail and depth of a novel with the fast-paced excitement of a role-playing game. As the intrepid Doctor, you make the decisions that determine the course of an adventure. Each decision leads you, step by step, through an unfolding story-plot, where your skill will make the crucial difference between success and failure.

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