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For the hardcore fan...

By:Sebastian Perry, Chattanooga, United States
Date:Friday 3 August 2012
Rating:   7

...While this book indeed delves into the creation of Doctor Who, it serves more as an introduction into British science fiction television production, technique and marketing strategies.

Good for the Academic

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 11 July 2013
Rating:   8

Tulloch and Alvarado wrote the first book-length academic work on Doctor Who. The period it covers is 1963-82. That the first long academic study of the program is also a good study helps. This is a book written for academics, people with at least one degree in Liberal Arts. Specifically, the authors discuss the show from the perspective of media studies. The authors presume that readers are aware of the terminology and methods of media studies. The authors treat the program with respect, discussing the various factors that made the program a success at the time. They discuss production policy and methods, politics, social factors, and other external forces that helped shape the program. The book includes original interviews with some of the producers. The book also includes some literary analysis of a few key episodes. This is not a book for fans who want their egos stroked, or for getting the usual lightweight publicity information that one often finds in the slicker publications about the series. Instead, this book is for anyone who wants to make a serious investigation into how the program relates to popular culture in Great Britain and the politics of the BBC.

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