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Too Much To Cover In Too Little Time

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 5 October 2003
Rating:   6

The final installment of the first series of Sarah Jane adventures reveals at last just who is behind her being framed and hounded. Probably, it will not be a surprise to most of you since you know the cast lists of the series. Let's just say that she is as nasty as she was in 1975. Peter Miles, who has made a small career out playing nasties in Dr. Who and its spin-offs returns for another interesting performance. As Steve Martin once said about himself, "This guy's good." The main problem with the story is its scope, crossing both England and India, running from the 1940s to about 2002, both tying up the plot against Sarah and advancing an unsuspected dastardly scheme, there is just too much happening in 1 hour.

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