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A nice list, but irritating style.

By:John Harwood, Blackpool
Date:Wednesday 10 May 2006
Rating:   4

Written at the height of our transatlantic cousins' enthusiasm for Who, "Travels Without the TARDIS" was written by and squarely aimed at US fans visiting the mother country on pilgrimage. As a shortish list of locations to visit it was quite good, although it would be wise not to trust the directions: for Leeds Castle (in Kent) it suggests you go to Kings Cross and board a train for Leeds (W Yorks) - some 250 miles in the wrong direction. The description of the weird behaviour of the natives and their primitive living conditions can be ever so slightly irritating, but then that epitomises the relationship between UK and US fans at the time. Some early copies had pages 81 - 96 missing, which I found rather irritating as this included the bulk of the description of Aldbourne, and also my hometown.

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