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A Good Comeback Indeed

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 5 October 2003
Rating:   7

Sarah Jane is back. Often rated as the most popular Dr. Who companion, Sarah Jane Smith was an unusually strong character made so by the excellent performance of Elizabeth Sladen. Sladen has returned to the character, making her quite as she was in Dr. Who and at the same time creatig a mature and self-reliant Sarah Jane. The premise is that Sarah had enjoyed a stellar career as a journalist, only to have the career destroyed by forces unknown who planted a false story for her to find. Now those same unknown forces are out to destroy her completely. This premise provides a story arc for all 5 audio adventures, creating a kind of "first season." Fans of Dr. Who expecting more of the same will not find it here. The story and atmosphere, double-dealings in high places, paranormal science, and the like, are more akin to "The X-Files." And, Terrance Dicks shows here that he is still a better script writer than novelist (generally speaking).

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