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its so good

By:stu, New Jersey, USA
Date:Wednesday 26 March 2003
Rating:   10

Fun to watch as romana outshines the doctor as usual.

The shape of things to come..

By:Olly, UK
Date:Wednesday 18 June 2003
Rating:   6

Meglos is ok, pleasing to watch yet nothing special, but gives a good glimpse of what is to come....the general rundown of K9 as a feasible and useful companion. A good story with some particular thick characters (such as the Gaztaks) and some now dated blue screen special effects. Nice cameo by Jacqueline Hill as Lexa.

Tom Baker takes on a cactus...

By:the Traveller, Zolfa-Thura
Date:Saturday 11 February 2006
Rating:   5

THE BASIC PLOT: A power-crazy talking cactus named Meglos persuades a gang of Gaztacs to assist him in stealing a powerful artefact from the nearby planet of Tigella, the Dodecahedron.
Is this supposed to be a comedy?
Bar Tom Baker and Lalla Ward's performances, this story is weak. The Gaztacs are irritating, the effects are poor, K-9 is again side-lined from the action and is even kicked at one point... and the villain is a cactus.
Oh, and why do all the Tigellans have the same hair style???

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