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Thrilling adventure. Pertwee at his best

By:Ian, Leeds
Date:Friday 31 May 2002
Rating:   9

Ambassadors had virtually everything in it to make a perfect adventure. Intrigue, battles, short skirts, treachery, plots within plots and a fine supporting cast. This is a well scripted yarn with action from car chases to gun battles. The only quibbles I have are why do the UNIT forces suffer such high casualties for a so called elite outfit and the rather poor spacecraft shots. However, these should in no way detract from a well acted (some times over much), fast paced Dr Who.

The Ambassadors...ZING!!!...of Death

By:Max Wilkie, Sydney, Australia
Date:Thursday 27 May 2004
Rating:   10

Jon Pertwee's era at it's best. In fact, Doctor Who at it's best. It's my absolute favourite story - no question. While at 7 episodes long it does drag a bit it has excellent casting, crew and great lines. John Abineri is wonderful, as is Nick Courtney.

Our moral duty...

By:Kieren, kidderminster
Date:Thursday 5 March 2009
Rating:   10

Well acted, well made and with good music, it races along (quite fast for a 7 parter). I hope they can release this on DVD soon, the tape's wearing.

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