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Routine Dr Who saved only by Baker

By:Ian, Leeds
Date:Friday 31 May 2002
Rating:   7

Underworld to me suffers from the blight of virtually all Dr Who’s and that is lack of money. The sets interior of the P7E do look fine, a good decayed functional look, but once out into the caves! It must have been difficult for the actors when they spent more time acting in front of sheet than on a set, which probably explains the level of ability that some of them reach. Tom Baker is good and anything with Leela in is worth a point at least. That aside it’s quite disappointing and could have been so much better.


By:Matthew B, Cardiff
Date:Monday 6 November 2006
Rating:   5

Season Fifteen is the very first time that it is possible to detect boredom in Tom Baker’s performance, and it’s easy to see why. Quite apart from the lack of strong directorial control (apart from Paddy Russell) or effective supporting casts, the scripts in this season are of a much poorer quality than any since Season Eleven, with a couple of notable exceptions. Underworld is a good example of this generalised lack of quality. The story is potentially interesting, but the dialogue is lifeless. The design and effects are good but the direction is patchy. The characters have potential but are all so under-acted that they become totally unmemorable. Only one actor seems to understand the need for a cranked up performance and that is Alan Lake. The general feeling is that no-one can be bothered, and this shows in Baker’s performance too. The cliffhangers are particularly dull, too. On the plus side, the effects (including all the CSO) are very well done, and the few sets on display are magnificent. Part One is actually rather good, believe it or not. Underworld isn’t bad as such, it’s just disappointing.

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