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A Nice Little Story

By:Justin Barnes, St.Louis, Missouri, USA
Date:Friday 31 January 2003
Rating:   6

Planet Of Gaints is a nice short story especially for the time period of the 60's the sets for it were great!

Good but unremarkable

By:The Might of Sutekh, A Pyramid of Mars
Date:Sunday 9 August 2009
Rating:   6

There is nothing intrinsically bad about Planet of Giants. It works well in its truncated three part form and the story does not get very dull anywhere. The sets are good, and the regulars turn in good performances, even if the guest cast are fairly boring (although to be honest, the whole of their plot is not that entertaining). Despite these good points, and the occasional inventive streak, such as the Doctor and Susan climbing up inside a drainpipe and standing around in a sink, the story never feels particularly dramatic or important, especially as a season opener. Although at least the stakes are raised somewhat by Barbara being infected by the pesticide. Above average then, but nothing special.

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