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Good idea, but nothing new

By:Richard Mawson, Manchester, England
Date:Tuesday 16 April 2002
Rating:   10

The Davros Box Set, in my eyes, offers nothing new. I am only 13, but don't let that put you off reading this.

I have been a Doctor Who fan since I saw Planet of the Daleks, which I saw when I was 5 on BBC2 in 1992.

I have every Doctor Who video ever released, except for The Three Doctors and Logopolis, but I have them both on UK Gold copy any how.

Anyway, back to the Davros Box Set. I think it was a good idea, and seeing it was joint second in buying ratings, it must show the BBC we need more Box Sets like this.

It's nothing new, unfortunately, as the picture is the same, there are no new effects (which is a shame, seeing as the covers show the Daleks firing out a Yellow stream laser from there gun - stick), and Revelation of the Daleks cover is the same as the one that came out in the second Dalek Box Set in 1999, although it has a different background on the back cover, and the top picture is turned the other way.

I would have liked to have seen this Box Set on DVD, but don't think it would have selled as good, as more people have VHS players, and anyway, Rememberance was released on DVD just two years before this did.

I don't own this

By:Whites, Southend, UK
Date:Monday 24 July 2006
Rating:   6

BUT i've seen the episodes a million times (at least).

I agree with the 1st reviewer on most counts but must say that this set released on DVD would be a must buy. Think of the extra's! Rememberance needs a re-release on DVD, the BBC have done it no justice.

We want a 2-disc edition!!

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