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By:Wesley James Simkin, Perth Western Austalia
Date:Friday 20 January 2006
Rating:   10

This Six part adventure Starring Jon Pertwee should be in everyones top ten Jon Pertwee comes face to face with his evilest enemys the Daleks also featuring the Dalek Supreme Planet of the Daleks is not to be missed overall 10/10.

A good Dalek story, but not great

By:Brian Ridder, Littleton, United States
Date:Saturday 2 December 2006
Rating:   5

"Planet Of The Daleks" is a serial that I have very mixed feelings about. On the one hand, Jon Pertwee turns in another great performance as the Third Doctor and Katy Manning is cool as Jo Grant. The guest stars were really good and made for a very interesting story. My problem, then? The story itself. The Daleks seem to just be going through the motions without any motivation or outstanding surprise. The story in some places moves too slow and the effects are marginal at best. Episode 3 exists only in black and white and gives a decent flashback to the days before color. If you're a Jon Pertwee or a die-hard Dalek fan, get this serial. It's an ok story that sets the stage for Katy Manning's departure in the next serial, "The Green Death".

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