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Give It A Chance & You'll Be Suprised!

By:Simon Christopher, Mold, Flintshire, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 11 January 2005
Rating:   8

This story gets a hell of a lot of bad press and i can't see why. I must have seen this story around a dozen times now, and i still find myself enjoying it immensely!

My favourite TARDIS crew doing battle with the Master (as portrayed by the late Anthony Ainley) with Concorde (also late of this world!) and vanishing passengers and crew! Excellent stuff.

Davison is on true form here, as is the lovely Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka. It's just a shame that this was the season's final story, had only a miniscule budget and suffered from Peter Grimwade's sometimes dire dialogue. But considering that, the production team and cast pulled together and delivered a job well done.

Give it a go!

Ten out of Ten

By:Mira Bhai, New Zealand
Date:Monday 1 May 2006
Rating:   10

I agree with the first reviewer. I have also watched this video many times but I cannot find anything wrong with it. I don't know what all the nit picking is about. I have all of the 5th Doctor episodes on Video or DVD and they all have mistakes, but some of them, even pointed out by Peter Davison himself I have not noticed. Just watch and listen to the story. If you like Peter Davison as the Doctor, and Nyssa and Tegan as his companions, buy the video and vote for it, because with the bad press it is getting, it will never come out on DVD. Yes, give it a go!

A tough sell

By:Denis LeBlanc, Moncton, Canada
Date:Wednesday 24 May 2006
Rating:   3

I can't carelessly bash this one, since the regular cast did a great job. I just can't stand the whole Master/Kalid deal. Why not just have the Master be revealed as the villain? He has no reason to hide his identity.

Not THAT bad, but still bad...

By:the Traveller, Poking Hatman...with a toothpick (sharp)
Date:Friday 16 June 2006
Rating:   6

PLOT: The Doctor and his companions are sent down a time contour with a Concorde full of passengers and crew, where they find the Master unnecessarily disguised as a fat bald magician with a silly voice...

The contemporary Earth scenes are nicely shot, Peter Davison is brilliant at all times, and Part One is very intriguing. Unfortunately,
Time-Flight is let down by poor effects, atrocious dialogue and very bad plotting. The Master is reduced (even more than usual) to a pantomine villain whose motives and plans (especially disguising himself as Kalid) make no sense whatsoever, and Sarah Sutton gives an unusually poor performance as Nyssa, probably down to the script more than anything. Overall, this is one of the weakest Davison stories.

Not one of Davison's best, but still...

By:Brian Ridder, Littleton, United States
Date:Saturday 2 December 2006
Rating:   6

"Time-Flight" finishes out Peter Davison's first season as the Fifth Doctor and it ended on a bit of mixed note. On the up-side, the story is very solid (Concordes plucked out of mid-flight and hurtled 140 million years in the past, the fate of the Xeraphin and the ever evil machinations of the Master to try and outwit the Doctor) and the acting is very tight. Not great, but solid. Peter Davison is probably one of my favorite Doctors, and I always felt bad he was saddled with companions that whined and complained too much. Sarah Sutton (Nyssa) and Janet Fielding (Tegan) gripe and complain quite a bit, especially in the beginning over the death of Adric, but they do come through in the clinch when the chips are down. Anthony Ainley hams it up again as the Master. Ainley tries his best but sadly he is no Roger Delgado. On the down-side, the special effects (even for the early 80's) are at best questionable, at worst completely unbelievable and really drags the story down. Perhaps not the best serial of Peter Davison's run as The Doctor, but a good serial to have if your a fan of the Fifth Doctor!

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