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The Vardans Are Here!

By:Simon Christopher, Mold, Flintshire, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 11 January 2005
Rating:   9

It's six parts long. With some stories, this can prove to be too much and you find yourself daydreaming, but that is not the case with this story.


Plenty of plot twists and turns, a distinguished supporting cast, (most notably, Milton Johns as Kelner) and the departure of one of the sexiest companions there ever was - Leela. Oh, and K-9 too.

Go and buy it!

Awful yet enjoyable

By:the Traveller, At a computer console pushing buttons
Date:Friday 26 May 2006
Rating:   5

One of the contenders for the worst made and produced episode ever. Everything is so tacky and badly constructed. Yet it is strangely watchable - I don't know why.

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