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No more Janis thorns (ever)

By:the Traveller, the end of the world
Date:Monday 24 July 2006
Rating:   7

What could of descended into a predictable primitve tribes-people tale is saved by four intelligent and interesting scripts by Chris Boucher. The Doctor is very well written (I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby) as is his future companion Leela - more than just another savage. The cliffhangers are also quite good, especially the one involving the Doctor surrounded by screaming copies of his own face.

The Drunk is God

By:kevin glover, Cornwall, Canada
Date:Tuesday 16 April 2013
Rating:   8

Criminally underrated from the excellent season 14, this story is sadly placed between two juggernauts with slightly better productions although the story ideas in this are just as good if not greater then the other two famous stories.

The face of evil was Bouchars first script and the man hits the ground running with some wonderful science fiction ideas, added with sublte assaults on religion, that makes this agnostic blush with pleasure.
Usually the Doctor is forced into events by ever changing circumstances against his will but Here the story is the resault of his inept actions and he must set everything right not from a heroic duty but out of choices he made. Almost everything works Louise Jameson makes her Debut as Leela and she holds solid footing against the charismatic Baker showing herself to be one of the strongest actors to inhabit the role of a companion, and maintain a credibility as an alien jungle girl were lesser actors would have just sleeped walked. The jungle sets are impressive and though it does look like a studio with the choice of lighting you can suspend your disbelief and find yourself transported to another world.

What doesent work are the scenes on the space ship and the Tesh are a pathetic excusse of adversaries, But Tom Baker as Xoannon is trully one of the most terrifying sights to see especially that scream. All in all a wonderful story I can watch again and again

Rating - B+

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