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By:Mark Robinson, Belfast, N.Ireland
Date:Wednesday 10 July 2002
Rating:   5

Oh dear, I was very disappointed with this story. I remember it being very exciting and enjoyable but not unfortunately not this time around. The Cybermen were boring as were the Vogans (apart from the leader- their masks were very bad and fake).
The story was weak, although the location work was well done. What should have been a great return for the Cybermen , after a very lenghy absense, was very poor and what's with "Revenge of the Cybermen", surely Return would have been a better title.
On the plus side I enjoyed the Doctor, Sarah and Harry ( one of my favorite teams)and surprisingly the cybermats were quite effective.
Disappointing - 5 out of 10.

a must see

By:Timothy Philip Smith, London England
Date:Wednesday 5 January 2005
Rating:   10

Revenge Of The Cybermen Is brilliant because its got the Cybermen (well obvisly) and its got harry in.This is amust see for fourth doctor fans.


By:Jon Mahony, Leeds, UK
Date:Thursday 6 April 2006
Rating:   3

Revenge of the Cybermen is one of those stories, you think you¡¦ll like, even if everyone tells you its rubbish.

The sad truth is, yes its more or less pretty awful ¡V The plot is lazy, the Vogans are flat out pathetic and the Cybermen are¡K well¡K camp lmao.

One of its greatest let downs is the Cyber voices ¡V they have been electronically treated, but its as though its not taken very well, cos it just comes out sounding like some guy in a suit, trying to talk like a robot ¡V and sometimes they just ramble on to each other like normal people.

However it¡¦s not totally doom and gloom ¡V on the upside the Cyber costumers are quite good, certainly the best up to that point in Doctor Who history (although the guns in the helmets was a bit of a mistake) And Michael Wisher turns up as a Vogan wish a nasty cough ¡V his acting seemed a little rushed, and as this was actually filmed before Genesis of the Daleks (even though in chronology it was the following story) you can sort of see why he rushed this smaller part ¡V as it is well known he was exited about the roll of Davros, he was probably raring to get onto it, but its always nice to see him pop up ƒº

That aside though, nothing special about this story.

Disappointing Return of the Cybermen

By:the Traveller, friend of Hatman, New New New New New New New Lewes
Date:Saturday 27 May 2006
Rating:   6

A very average and lazily plotted story. The Cybermen are portrayed as the Doctor puts it as "a bunch of tin soldiers skulking around the universe in an ancient spaceship", and their voices are terrible. Very disappointing considering how long they had been away from Doctor Who - surely the writers could have thought of something better. Oh, and that Cybermat leaping towards Sarah, I mean honestly...


By:Whites, Southend, UK
Date:Monday 24 July 2006
Rating:   10

I was about 3-4 years old when this was released on VHS, and for this reason alone i can't fault it. I had no idea until recently that it wasn't loved by all!

It's Tom's first season, it's got Sarah and Harry. Tom's first season, i think, is one of the best 1st seasons of any of the Doctor's.

The Cybermen have guns in their heads! Don't knock it! As this was my 1st cybermen story i was completely shocked that the "head-guns" were abandoned after this! Madness.

I completely understand other people's criticism's, but for me this is a true classic.

One of the very best!

By:The Master NM, London
Date:Wednesday 4 June 2008
Rating:   10

Please tell me whats not to like about this story- I love it!

The Cybermen are some of the best the series has ever had, they look truely menacing- they were always meant to look that bit human- after all- thier of human shape and body and wires and metal. Thier home is Earths twin planet, I mean even the storys brill. How fans can dislike this episode is beyond me because as far as im concerned- an I do own this on video by the way- the plot is simple enough, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry along with all the cast are on top form and the episode sits amoung the seanson splendidly.

Camp Cybermen

By:Adam Bewley, England
Date:Wednesday 30 July 2008
Rating:   7

While a good story and idea, it is utterly ruined by Christopher Robbie's dramatic performance as the Cyberleader, seeming quite camp and emotional. Many of the other cybermen seem like proper cybermen, but the leader ruins what could be one of the best.

this is fun

By:m powell, birmingham uk
Date:Monday 1 December 2008
Rating:   9

wow camp cybermen what else could you ask pure entertainment i cant complain love it x

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