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Basically, the thing is the keys!

By:Mark Seymour, Brighton, England
Date:Friday 13 September 2002
Rating:   7

Basically, the Doctor in this one is hardly in it and at the end of the day lacks authority. The thing to remember, though, guys, is that this story basically features one of the 1960s design classics (no, not the ice guards!!!)the sensational Voord. At the end of the day, I have to say that my Aunt knew two of the people who played Voords (apparently!), Peter Diment and Jenny Tyler and both complained of heat rash at the end of the week's shooting! Other than that, the quest bit can get a bit dull and that actress in the cellar (Fiona Walker) is awful: thank God her performances in Dr Who (Silver Nemesis) and the Mokades classic 'The Mighty Bum' were better! Go back and re-watch!

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