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Hmm... what to say...?

By:Otherworld Sin, Somewhere... else... *enigmatic grin*
Date:Thursday 10 April 2003
Rating:   8

Utter crap if you view it as a serious story. Just as well I never take things seriously, then!

Honestly, most of the cast bites. Full stop. Vena... shoot the woman. Tekker? Bolt-3. The rebels? Hm, Ultima should take them out quite nicely. However, just to save my sanity...

Colin Baker is wonderful, considering the loooooooowwwwww quality of the lines he's given. It's nice to see Nicola fall victim to what my mother dubbed "Screaming Companion Syndrome." I love my mum. And of course, David Chandler as Herbert. Funny! Cute! Great lines! Excellent actor!

I could have shot down this story, but I'm not going to. Why?

Because of Herbert. *giggle blush*

"What, all 500 of us?"

By:Matthew B, Cardiff
Date:Monday 6 November 2006
Rating:   4

Timelash is generally loathed, and although it is hardly deserving of HUGE amounts of affection, it is by no means the worst Doctor Who story. There are some nice ideas (the Timelash itself, the use of H.G Wells, the Borad design) and it is watchable in a way that huge chunks of the Troughton era are not. Oddly, given the poor material, Pennant Roberts manages to turn in one of his better directing efforts. Sadly, this is faint praise. The story is very slight and what little there is makes no sense, the dialogue is generally either lifeless or just plain bad, and most of the performances are weak. Also, one simply doesn’t give a stuff about any of the characters, even the regulars – Colin Baker’s performance feels like someone doing an impression of The Doctor and is very unlikeable, and Peri is sidelined throughout, tied up and left screaming at a Morlox. Things brighten up once the Borad appears, making one wish he’d been revealed a little earlier and had played a greater part, so sinister is the character. Timelash is, in the final analysis, not very good.

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