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One of the best

By:, Ulm, Germany
Date:Friday 9 August 2002
Rating:   10

One of the best Doctor Who stories.

Ahead of it's time.

By:John Reid, London England
Date:Saturday 19 August 2006
Rating:   9

I was Fourteen when The Happiness Patrol aired I'd been watching who for ten years and In the last three years I was only one of three viewers at school both (interested in Tory politics). I felt who's unpopularity was due with not competing with Star Wars ,How I longed for stories to compile history on Cybermen and Sontarons and not the campness of Necros's Dj or the Fantasy Factory and then came This Story, It made me realise Who was surreal and shouldn't Be James Bond, Let the hip kids have there Alien we had a pink tardis, My friends at school were appalled at an Attack on Thatcherism I thought it was great, I was too young to understand irony and I felt embaressed by the idea of the Kandy man Although I loved the Idea ofm being hunted for being miserable (like being sort by A bully for a weakness) Ten years later and I now realise All the references to Homophobia and undermining Minorities in Unions and am proud My T.V. show and its team had the guts to attack a suttle form of fascism. (as a matter of interest, If your tv has a angle adjuster put it diagonal and tune it to near black and white its what Chris Clough,director wanted)

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