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Bear This No Malus! (sorry!)

By:Simon Christopher, Mold, Flintshire, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 11 January 2005
Rating:   8

A great double pack of stories from Peter Davison's tenure as the good Doctor.

First off, 1984's two parter, The Awakening manages to pack a great deal of dialogue, action, horror and suspense into it's fifty-odd minutes. Some memorable supporting characters, most notably, Keith Jayne (BBC1's original Stig Of The Dump) as Will Chandler. It's also one of the earliest stories that i remember, so it holds a soft spot for me. Great stuff!

Second comes the four part Frontios. I don't think that this story holds it's pace very well. The production team would have been better off affording The Awakening another episode and reducing this story to three. That said, the Tractators are well realised, you get to see Janet Fielding's underwear (they're white!) and the sets are wonderful. There is some excellent dialogue; particularly between the Doctor and the Gravis, and a couple of interesting turns to the plot.

In all, i'd say that this would be the best three hours you could spend in the company of Davison's Doctor, Tegan Jovanka and Turlough.

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