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'Eldrad MUST live......'

By:The master, London
Date:Thursday 24 July 2008
Rating:   9

Firstly, I would like to say that this episode exceeded all of my expectations on first viewing. I dont own this on video but on DVD but i havent the time to go through all the extra's but this is of a dark nature this episode. One that works really well for a Tom Baker serial.

What I like about this episode is that its got charm. An alien that works rather well from the get go. The hand was an intersting concept not previosly done on WHO before and so made the surprize of the episodes nature Brill.

The Doctor and Sarah's arrival on Earth is another triumph. They for once say that they've landed in a quarry. The build up is alright up until a certain point where you then feel that its gone on for too long but the pair of them work really well together and thats one of the joys of watching this episode.

I love the doctors TARDIS too. I felt that it suited Toms portayal of the Doctor and that there's a real atmosphere blowing inside the old wooden box.

Sarahs swansong was sad for me as she is one hell of a good compainion i felt for the Doctor. Though her parting was sad, the episode ended on a high and we all know now that where the Doctor dropped her off wasnt South Croydon but ABERDEEN!!!!!

Still, shes back with the Doctor and meets him on occasion now and again, and she even has her own show!! What more could a fan ask for? Still, the surporting cast are all very well defined in the episode and all serve a purpose in what they do. Though, the conversion between what Eldrad once looked like and what she turned out looking like spoilt the mix a little and sarah sums it up perfectly by stating 'Why's she a he?' I had to laugh.

But its a fine episode on the whole and I'm glad to own it on DVD even though I havent got it on video. And thats a plus because you dont have to own this episode on video because the DVD offers alot more in terms of what the episode was about by speaking to the actors behind the show and so although it may be something you want to own to complete your collection, what you have on DVD in terms of information given by those behind the episode is worth alot more than just the tape on the video cassete.

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