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Get this out on dvd soon please...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 18 February 2008
Rating:   10

The Monster Of Peladon seems to come in for a lot of stick after the so called brilliant Curse, but to be frank i really dont like Curse at all, just far too bland a story for me, even though it is only four episodes long. The Monster Of Peladon, now here is real action and adventure for you. It may be not quite as overly atmospheric as Curse, but it is far far more watchable for me. This is the story i most want to see put on DVD next please. Dont leave it too long will you bbc?!

For a start all the characters are far better in this one, one of my fav one off appearances is Nina Thomas as Queen Thalira, i just love her voice. And she looks good too. Good old Aggedor is back for a return appearance too, which is great. Although sadly hes killed at the end. The miners crisis is portrayed really realistically. Alpha Centauri is a marvellous invention. And the ice warriors dont appear til half way through but the story is so good that that isnt a problem for this story. Everyone has a great amount of things to do. Sarah is really seeming to gel with the Doctor now, with some great dialogue shared between them. So this story is my third favourite after THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD and THE TWO DOCTORS. This is a massively entertaining romp full of intrigue and action that Curse really lacked. Great stuff.

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