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very mixed

By:Ste, cumbria
Date:Saturday 10 December 2005
Rating:   5

This is one of the best lokking storys ever but the script is a bit boring. The rani is wow and so are the bat things. The lakershuns are just all crap actors and the big ball things provide one of doctor whos most brilliant cliffhangers. All in all this is an ok regeneration story and looks fab (bonnie langford is ok but as usual is given crap stuff 2 do and corny lines)


By:Ruby Jane Simkin, Perth Western Austalia
Date:Friday 20 January 2006
Rating:   7

This story is really great it stars Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford.A lady called the Rani disguised herself as the Doctor's assistant. It is the 7th Doctor's first story ever made. The monsters are the Rani's assistants... The story is also very funny to. Also in the story at the end the castle blows up were the Rani lives. In the end the Doctor and Mel go back into the TARDIS.

Enter Doctor no. 7

By:the Traveller, Lakertya
Date:Saturday 11 February 2006
Rating:   5

THE BASIC PLOT: The Rani kidnaps the newly regenerated Doctor to help her in her latest crackpot scheme.
Onece you can get over the ludicrously daft plot, if you can call it that, (I mean, the Rani dressing up as Mel and wearing a ginger wig to fool the Doctor) this story is actually quite enjoyable. Sylvester McCoy gives a promising first performance, and the effects and title sequence look fantastic. However, Bonnie Langford is terrible, the Lakertyans can't act, and Kate O' Mara hams it up ridiculously as the Rani.

I liked it...

By:Matt Saunders, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 11 September 2008
Rating:   10

This was one of the first stories I ever watched and I liked it. It's a little silly, but it is an enjoyable story.

One of the best in the universe....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 11 October 2008
Rating:   10

Sylvester Mccoy makes a great and very memorable debut into the role of Doctor Who with this wrongly maligned super classic. This is in my top ten of all Doctor Who Stories. Only Trial Of A Time Lord and The gReatest Show In The Galaxy beat this for sheer entertainment and laughs and great action moments. And this story boasts some of the best special effects of the old series. Remarkably vivid and different. it is clear that this is a new period in doctor who history. Kate O Mara returns as the Rani, she is better here than in Mark Of The Rani. She really finally gets to be villainous, and not just a time lady fighting and bickering with the Master all the way through the story, not that that is bad in any way! This story has many piles of good elements in it. The tetraps are memorable and scabby creatures. A great new monster into the annals of Doctor Who. The gooblegook science is wonderfully over the top in places. Bonnie Langford is delightful as Mel. It is funny seeing someone pretend to be his companion, as the Rani impersonates mel very well. Quite a brilliant story full of classic moments.

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