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By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 28 May 2023
Rating:   6

Pip and Jane Baker pick up where they left off after "Time and the Rani." Here, the Rani is a prisoner of the Tetraps. They are coercing her into working on a project to speed human reproduction so the Tetraps can use the resulting animals to feed on their blood. The Rani, meanwhile, is working on an escape plan, and uses the human captives to help her on the escape, but feels constantly thwarted by the humans' emotional and moral reactions. If only they would focus on the practical matter, the whole thing could go without a hitch. There are a couple of very preposterous elements to this story. One is the speeding of human gestation, from nine months to just a couple of weeks. Even if one could work this by biochemical means, the physical toll it would take on the mother's body means she would probably die long before the baby was ready to birth. Secondly, the Tetraps' scheme is so impractical that it makes no sense they would ever employ it. They feed on blood. They already have native species of their own planet that they use as their food source. Yet, they expend vast energy and resources to steal beings from other planets to supply the thing they are already getting. Kate O'Mara is great as The Rani. The rest of the cast does as well as they can with the material.

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