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By:Olly, UK
Date:Saturday 13 September 2003
Rating:   10

The best ever Dr Who story ever.... This is as good as it gets. Tom Baker and Liz Sladen show the best ever combination between Dr and Companion. Sutekh is "supreme" with excellent quotes, the mummies like superb, and Scarman is creepy. Based on Egpyt methology and early Hammer films, it shows what is best about Dr Who.

just superb

By:Timothy Philip Smith, London England
Date:Wednesday 5 January 2005
Rating:   10

Well what Olly said is too right I mean He really really Is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!just superb get it now 100000000/10

Perfect Who

By:the Traveller, In a pyramid...on Mars
Date:Saturday 17 June 2006
Rating:   10

Violent deaths, creepy mummies, a cool villain. What else do you need? One of Tom Baker's best, and one of the best ever.

great story

By:ben rigsby, witney UK
Date:Monday 19 March 2007
Rating:   10

this is my fave story ever!!!!

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