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Great audio, bad cover.

By:David Yates, Reading, Berkshire
Date:Friday 6 January 2006
Rating:   10

I really wasn’t sure about this one. Mainly because of the really terrible cover. It’s awful. So my expectations were quite low.

I shouldn’t have worried. It’s great. It ends quite abruptly but that’s a minor complaint. The sound design quality is fair enough and the story is a good one. Humans and Sontarans battling for survival in very different ways, both misunderstanding the nature of their respective races. The Sontarans could’ve easily have been cut price Klingons, but here they are given an extra dimension I didn’t expect.


By:The Rani, Gallifrey
Date:Sunday 18 June 2006
Rating:   10

CU captures the dicotomy of the Sontaran military structure perfectly, an army cannot have soldiers all the same rank and some Sontarans are breed not to be cannon fodder but the officer elite. The idea of the gentic breakdown is a good one too and having 2 Sontarans battle it out to become the new genetic template for their species is interesting. Of course we're expected to cheer for the one helped by our 2 heroes as he slowly comes to understand the human psyche and realise that ruthless aggression is not always the right way, which is exactly why he loses and his rival wins. A genius bait and switch manouvre that really takes the listner by surprise, I highly recommend this story :)

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