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Masters of all.......

By:The Master NM, London
Date:Thursday 24 July 2008
Rating:   10

Ah, this boxset is one in a million. The boxset's clearly featuring the daleks and its worth looking for if you havent got one. There are two videos, Rememberance of the daleks and The chase.

The Chase is in black and white featuring William heartnell as the marvolously portrayed 1st Doctor. The episode really explores the daleks hate for the Doctor, riding through time to destroy him. He and his companion know that they must face the Daleks or else face the consequences. ITs a marvelous episode but its one of the classics, its an enjoyable episode from beginning to end and where the TARDIS takes them, all over!

Rememberance of the daleks is one of my all time favroutes! The Doctor played by Sylvester McCoy plays the part of the Doctor to his strengths. He proves that he has a grasp over the role and the surporting characters are well portrayed. Ace's first real chance to show some light is a joy. Her character is one you can relate to. Shes a teenager from Perivale who just wanted a bit of fun so now that shes with the Doctor, you want to have an adventure with her as she's having one herself. The Daleks are spectacular! the special weopens dalek will blow you away, quite literally. Two sets of Dalek factions fighting one another with the Doctor fighting in between and minipulating events makes for a wonderful episode. Gilmore(captain) fulfils the role of the Brigadier and the episode itself is a fantastic season opener.

Inside, theres a booklet chroncilling the Daleks battles that may well interest you and you may also find that there may be a smaller booklet that gives pockets of information on the dalek boxset.

So all in all, the Dalek boxset is not to be missed. In the classic series of Doctor who before its revival in 2005, Rememberance of the daleks was set to be last adventure featuring the daleks so it was an episode that stuck out in my mind because up until 'DALEK' the daleks are at war with one another and if you read the two 8th Doctor novels featuring the daleks, we are only just learning of the Time war ourselves so this episode is highly reguared as one of the very best in my opinion as it was the last dalek story in production and alongside the Chase, these episodes along with the boxset are a real treat.

A great taste of humour....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 18 February 2009
Rating:   10

Ive seen many a person quote that the William Hartnell era of Doctor Who was either boring or not half as visually grand as the later years to come. And i have to disagree on both accounts. William Hartnell brought the Doctor to life with his grumpy yet trustworthy Doctor, and in this part of the role he seems actually the best of all the doctors ever to grace the tv screen. Another rubbish thing ive heard is that The Chase was a utter load of codswallop, but again i must disagree. The Chase definitly has its share of laugh out loud moments, but this is not merely a total gag reel. I think this experiment with the daleks actually works, and there is a whole wealth of great moments in this story, up to the climatic battle between the daleks and the mechanoids in the final episode. This has so many elements all packed into one story, in many respects it is similar to that other great classic, the Keys Of Marinus, well it would be when its scripted by the same writer. And it also ends well on a touching goodbye to Ian and Barbara, always played brilliantly by William Russell and Jacqueline Hill. And the daleks are pretty nasty, and this story does feature my favourite dalek scene, when the dalek rises from the sand! Well done i think for the limited resources available at the time.

Rememberance of the daleks is also a fantastic and fast paced dalek romp. the two factions are nastier than ever and the explosions are some of the best ever to be seen on doctor who. Sylvester Mccoy is a great and underrated Doctor i feel.This story has it all, great scenes of action and yet some good refelective and emotional scenes too. Everything that Doctor Who should be is present in both these stories. Great dalek madness!

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