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One of Pertwee?s best stories

By:Tom Lingwood, Broseley, Shropshire
Date:Monday 1 July 2002
Rating:   10

This is one of Jon Pertwee’s greatest Doctor Who stories. It is a strong, thrilling tale and it 7 episodes long it doesn’t drag at all. It is my third favourite Pertwee serial (my first two being The Dæmons and Inferno).

The plot involves workers at a power station going mad after encountering a T-Rex in the caves under the station. There are breakdowns involving staff members. The Doctor soon discovers that the station has awoken the Silurians, lizards who occupied Earth before Man, who have been dormant for thousands of years and now want the Earth back for themselves. The Time Lord wants Man and Silurian to live in peace but something always crops up to ruin his attempts.

The guest cast is superb. Fulton MacKay (Porridge’s Mr MacKay) plays Dr Quinn (same name of Jane Seymour’s medicine woman!). Captain Hawkings is played by Paul Darrow (Avon in Blake’s 7) and comedy actor Geoffrey Palmer plays Masters. Peter Miles plays the sadistic Dr Lawrence, owner of the power station. His portrayal of sadistic characters landing him villainous roles in Invasion of the Dinosaurs and the 1993 radio play The Paradise of Death. However, he is best known for playing Davros’ henchman Nyder in 1975’s Genesis of the Daleks.

The BBC lost the story in its original colour form but in 1993 it was recoloured by combining the black and white prints with an American off-air colour copy. The colour is better than the colour on The Dæmons, though it’s not as good as the superior colour on Terror of the Autons.

Recommended to all Who fans.


By:Toby, England
Date:Friday 14 October 2005
Rating:   5

When I saw this episode the silurians scared me. But I was only 6 when I wathed it. It scared me so much that I did not watch the part 4. This year I found two Doctor Who websites that had clips from this episode and I watched them. This time round the silurians did not scare me and they did not scare when I watched Warriors Of The Deep. Even though I know longer find the silurians scary i still do not think this was one of the best Doctor Who episodes.

One of the best...

By:the Traveller, a cave in Derbyshire
Date:Saturday 11 March 2006
Rating:   9

A 7 parter epic which never becomes dull or predictable. The cast are all on top form and the Silurians are good monsters, although their voices are unintentionally amusing. Also, the scenes of the Silurian Plague spreading through England are some of the best in Doctor Who.
One of the best ever stories.


By:The Master , London
Date:Thursday 24 July 2008
Rating:   10

I so badly wanted to contribute to this and say that this episode truely is a beauty. I'll start of by saying that John Pertwee is a marvel. He steals the show in terms of charcterisation, motive for what he believes is right and for wanting to make a peace with those he beieves are good and not evil.

Liz Sahw was always one of my favroutes. She knows what she's talking about and has a good scientific mind thats used now and again but is never used to combine her cleverness alongside the Doctors. However, i like her because she had respect for the Doctor. She was his equal in terms of knolage but did on occasion disagree with him when it came down to what she though was right and what was'nt.

The plot is of high standard. The Doctor believes that man can share his planet with the Silurians, though man has already made up his mind and disreguards them for mindless killers where on the contrary, thier inteligent, scientific and as human as man in terms of sharing hostilty towards them in self defence and showing kindness in return for peace.

The Silurians remind me of the sea Devils and are given good dialougue that suits them like thier cousins the Sea Devils. They are shrouded in mystery for the first episode but are taken quite seriously throughout and the plague they set loose amoung one of ther victims is horrific, with pure rage as London becomes infected with a desease that would have killed off the human race altogether.

There are rival factions where the Silurians are concerned as though mimicking the reactions of the humans who disagree with what the doctor has in mind, preventing war and making peace.

Unit also has bite of more than they can chew as they tackle the threat of the Silurians and bring a whole new dimension to DR Who. With Unit around, the Doctor could use them as a tool of making peace with creatures who wanted nothing less for eg The Sea Devils when the Parlimentary secratary puts his trust in the doctors hands in starting a peace. The Pertwee episodes were some of the best the series ever produced and this episode was one of the episodes that had a solid impact on Doctor Who.

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