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A classic

By:Tom Lingwood, Broseley, Shropshire
Date:Friday 15 February 2002
Rating:   10

This is my favourite Doctor Who story. It features the Doctor (Jon Pertwee), Jo Grant, the Master, the Brigadier, Sergeant Benton and Captain Mike Yates. It is my favourite Doctor Who story because it was the first complete story I saw when it was repeated in 1992. Also, it is the third 5-part story (the other being the Troughton serials The Dominators and The Mind Robber) and hasn’t got a dull moment. The best line is when the Brigadier says “Jenkins, chap with wings. Five rounds rapid!”

The plot involves Professor Horner attempting to break into Devil’s Hump in the village of Devil’s End. The Doctor and Jo go to stop him but fail. The professor is killed when he opens the barrow. Meanwhile, the Master is posing as Reverend Magister and is trying to awake a Dæmon named Azal, who’ll appear after 3 ceremonies. The Doctor soon learns of this. Can he stop the Master?

This story has great performances, especially Damaris Hayman as Miss Hawthorne. Also, look out for a cameo by Dalek operator John Scott Martin as a villager in Episode Three at the Master’s meeting and in Episode Five look out for Matthew Corbett (who later became Sooty presenter after buying the rights off his late father and Sooty creator Harry Corbett) as one of the Master’s devil worshippers. This serial was recoloured in 1992 although Episode Four is PAL colour. The Dæmons is a must-have for Doctor Who fans.

A top ten tale!

By:Bob, London
Date:Saturday 16 February 2002
Rating:   10

I can't understand why this story doesn't get into everyone's top ten list.It's a cracking good tale from begining to end with all the regulars on top form.

Our Demons

By:The Master NM, London
Date:Thursday 24 July 2008
Rating:   10

I absoloutly adore this episode. It features not only the master as played by the great Roger Delgado. I saw a repeat viewing of this on BBC4 only recently and have made up my mind, this episode truely is as DOCTOR WHO should be.

I once intended to watch this on UK Gold when i was small but was made to go to church and missed the episode but honestly, its a beauty!

With quality written all over it, the dialogue, the acting, and the actors themselves. All my fave's....The Brigadier, Mike yates, Seargent Benton, The Doctor as played by John Pertwee and Jo Grant and not forgeting the master of all....Roger Delgado.

So Close To Being An Absolute Classic

By:Paul Williams, New Brighton, United States
Date:Tuesday 22 March 2011
Rating:   8

Excellent movie, only negatives is that the sound quality is annoying and the ending is a bit abrupt and trite.

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