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How fitting this is- this story!

By:The Master NM, London
Date:Sunday 11 May 2008
Rating:   10

Spoilers ahead- at your own risk!

Oh I love this episode, the plot may be a little confusing but nothing that i couldnt understand. So, the doctor forsees a moment in time where an assisination on his home planet takes place involving the Presidents death and so the Doctor intends to put a stop to the assasination by leaving a nbote that noone intends t do anything about. The assasination is lure by the master that for once actualy works and the Master challenges the Doctor in the matrix where all things are possible. Chancellor goth is working for the master and intends on assasinating the Doctor in the matrix only the master wants something more than the doctor dead and that is to destroy the half of the galaxy in which Gallifrey rests in. He falls into his doom at the end when the doctor tricks him but at the very end, we see him escape into his TARDIS. Tom Baker is as mysterious as ever here and whilst hes on his own, we- as the audiance cannot rely on the companion telling us what might be happening when we can not assume for sure ourselves.

The Master here, unable to regenerate, has somewhat changed into something particularly nasty and something even i wouldnt want to meet in a dark and unsuspecting tunnel.

This story was one of the very best and in my opinion ranks as one of the top 10 in my collection!

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