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Doctor Who at its very best

By:Tom Lingwood, Broseley, Shropshire
Date:Tuesday 30 April 2002
Rating:   10

This was the penultimate Doctor Who story to be shown before the show was cancelled. It’s an exciting and brilliant tale, which is why the BBC should’ve kept the series. Why did you have to axe the blessed series you fools?

A..... What IF?

By:The Master , London
Date:Thursday 24 July 2008
Rating:   10

This episode is number 1 in my all time favroute Doctor who serials. This episode is as dark and spooky as say for instance Ghost Light or Battlefield. This episode hooked me if i have to be honest. Its got a great plot, the Doctor and Ace are a fully functional team and work so well together that its true that the show should have gone on longer than it was pulled off. The Heamovores are superb, forgive the spelling mistakes however, they and the surporting cast bring something otherworldly to this serial. It was the second to last to be shown and though that has nothing to with why they took DR WHO off the airwaves, it shows that if the episodes had all been as consistently good as all those in season 26, then the show might have continued.

Sylvester and Sophie work really well together and contribute so much to make this easily the best episode Doctor Who had made in ever such a long time.

Its dark, its myserious, its set in WW2 and works exteamly well considering the success the revival has brought to the very same nature in the 'Empty Child, Doctor Dances.' Also, the surporting cast are well established in what they do and its as though they had researched what it was they had rehearsed.

The Doctor played here as a dark and almighty being minipulating events leading up to the end of the series run and the sheer joy of seeing Ace come into her own. Its a wonderful storie and one I appreciate more tha anyone as this re-defined what DR WHO meantn to me. The Doctor should be a mystery to those who are'nt from his time, nor place and had the new adventure taken place during season 27, Doctor Who might have taken a leap tonew hieghts.

Today though, we should be thankful that DR WHO has made a return to our screens and that the Doctor hasnt changed to save his life.

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