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Daleks are coming, run for the hills!

By:the Traveller, London 2164
Date:Saturday 11 March 2006
Rating:   7

Another Dalek epic this time set in London. The shots of the deserted city are fantastic, and the whole serial feels like Survivors before its time. However, the model shots of the Saucers are terrible and the Robomen are irritating if a little creepy.
A good tale spoilt by the shoddy effects work.


By:The master NM, London
Date:Thursday 24 July 2008
Rating:   9

This episode is a true classic. One that stounds out amoungst the rest of that era, apart from the likes of the war machines, the tenth planet all of which were absoloutly fantastic. The Daleks are true to the originals and havent changed since. The robomen are great and they lift the episode high above the rest of the cast.

The Doctor and his companions are on top form and the episode rattles along quite smoothly. The location footage on tape are superb and the scenes of London deserted are amoungst the finest. The surporting cast are brilliant and help to make the dalek Invasion Of Earth super.

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