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End of an era

By:Wayne Fox, Whitehaven, England
Date:Sunday 10 November 2002
Rating:   10

The War Games was purely a great end to Patrick Troughton's great, but rare era. The 10 eposides to end it, was a great idea by the BBC.

end of an era

By:Timothy Philip Smith, London,England
Date:Thursday 6 January 2005
Rating:   10

The War Games is as you probaly know the last Patrick Troughton video of his era although he later appeared in The Three,Five and Two Doctors .
The Doctor,Jamie and zoelands in nomans land in the middle of a war later on he finds that the war Is run by a group of aliens (one is A timelord) and sends A distress calll to the Timelords but they don't save him they send him to Earth In Exhile where he regenarated into the third doctor(Jon Pertwee)and sent Zoe back to the wheel and Jamie to his war with the English redcoats

The end of an era

By:Nathaniel Maxfield , London
Date:Wednesday 9 August 2006
Rating:   10

The War Games stands as one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time. Phillip Madoc's performance as the War Lord, Edward Brayshaw as the War Chief, I could go on. Certainly the best Troughton story if not the best of Black and White Doctor Who.

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