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It?s better than Scherzo. Honest.

By:David Yates, Reading, Berksire
Date:Friday 6 January 2006
Rating:   10

Once again Mr McCoy surprises me with the quality of his acting. Is he being directed in a different way than while he is working for Big Finish I wonder? A great script that just stretches the conceit far enough so you don’t get fed up with the pastiche. It may be a one-note story but it’s so well written that you don’t notice.

For those Rob Shearman fans out there, let me let in into a secret:

It’s better than Scherzo. Honest.

Well suited to radio.

By:Dean, Melbourne, Australia
Date:Monday 10 August 2009
Rating:   8

This adventure is very much in the style of season 24. However, in this case the production crew get away with something that may have seemed very silly in the hands of JNT and crew. Stories that work better in audio format are always superior in my judgement.

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