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Missed Dearly

By:Daniel Shillito, Haywards Heath, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 26 October 2021
Rating:   10

The Myth Makers documentaries have been put on Britbox so I'm cherry picking the ones that truly interest me, and who better to start with than the absolutely lovely Mary Tamm recounting her life, career and her Doctor Who character, Romanadvoratrelundar aka Fred aka Romana I.

Half documentary and half tongue n cheek parody of Alice in Wonderland. It recounts Tamm's accounts of her early life and why she decided to leave the show. She comments on her fantastic working relationship with Tom and how upset he was at her leaving due to how much they worked well together easily being able to bounce ideas off each other and even alter the scripted lines to better suit their characters.

Something I really didn't know was that Louise Jameson and Mary Tamm were good friends at drama school and Louise put in a good word for Mary when they needed to cast the next companion. That's bloody adorable. Something Mary ended up repeating herself when she nominated Lalla to succeed her.

Nicholas Briggs very cheekily drops hints about a possible return to the series... something Mary is clearly very sceptical about here but would later come around to finally accepting with her appearances in Big Finish before her untimely death in 2012.

Thank you Ms Tamm. You were truly the noblest Romana. We miss you dearly.

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