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Beware the Fanatic

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 24 October 2023
Rating:   6

The second entry in the Pocket Universe series finds the Mistress and K-9 still on the lookout for technology they can use to complete their time ship. They discover an abandoned Dyson Sphere. However, this structure is also the target of an expedition financed by a rich scientist / historian (it is not all that clear) looking for evidence of the Old Ones (or something like that), who are now the source of a religion on their home world. The guy starts becoming more and more of a religious fanatic. The counterpoint "science" guy on the trip starts out well enough, but once he encounters our heroes, becomes just a thug with a gun, completely contrary to how he'd been depicted in the beginning of the story. So, my main problem with this one is the inconsistent characterization. The story needs to have our heroes locked up, so characters can completely change just to accomplish that end. So, it is a bit of a frustrating listen.

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