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Interesing Not Quite Doctor Who Story

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 16 May 2023
Rating:   7

After Doctor Who stopped production in 1989, there were many attempts to recreate it or revive it in some form. Independent producer Bill Baggs could not get the rights to Doctor Who under that name, but he could use some of the accoutrements of Doctor Who. One of these ventures was a series of audios based around monsters from Doctor Who. That is where Zygons: Homeland comes in. This is basically a Doctor and UNIT story without either The Doctor or UNIT. The story itself involves a United Nations military organization run by an efficient, but limited Colonel, who has taken on an unpaid scientific advisor, Mr. Dean, who has a habit of going rogue and doing things his own way. While working on a plan to arrest a rich man who has done something illegal with Colombian immigrants, unclear what, the team stumble upon a plot by an alien race who turn out to be Zygons. This adventure takes them on a trip to South America to work out what the Zygon plan is and to stop it. Thus, the story has the framework of a Doctor Who story. However, because this is not officially Doctor Who, the writer has room to play with characters and to make the stakes just a bit more realistic.

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