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The Enemy Within

By:Theta Sigma, USA
Date:Thursday 18 September 2003
Rating:   7

This special feature length adventure introduces a brand new Doctor (Paul McGann) and a new Master (Eric Roberts)who race against time to guarantee not only the future of Earth but their own survival as well. Co-starring Daphne Ashbrook.


By:Toby, England
Date:Friday 14 October 2005
Rating:   1

I watched this episode when it aired as part of Doctor Who Night. After wathing the excellent first movies this third movie really let the trilogy down. The new doctor could not act and the plot was so bad I stopped watching half way through and turned off what ever you do do not watch this episode.


By:George Atkinson, Manchester
Date:Thursday 13 April 2006
Rating:   8

The Story was rubbish a very bad and awfuly written story. However The TARDIS was brilliant and was much better than the New 9th and 10th Doctor Control room. Paul McGann has to be one of the best Doctors ever his Edwardian look and beautifal personality was Brilliant and perfect for the part i'm very angry that the BBC didnt have him for a series!!


By:Whites, Southend, UK
Date:Friday 24 November 2006
Rating:   1

I scored this 1 out of 10 for 2 reasons. 1)McCoy is in it so it can't be all bad(how dare they have him shot)and 2)you can't score 0.

although it must be said that Macgann would of made a decent enough Doc if the americans hadn't made this show(sorry USA, but it's true).

The 8th Doctor is great!!!

By:Kyle K.K, London
Date:Saturday 18 July 2009
Rating:   10

Paul McGann is a great Doctor and its a dissapointment that The 8th Doctor didn't go on !!!

Not all that much to write home about

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 24 June 2011
Rating:   4

Paul McGann has finally been given a decent stab at the Doctor in the Big Finish audio adventures. He was one of the three good things about the 1996 movie. Yes, and it was only three, or if im generous, four, things that stood out about the movie at all.

The first was the cameo by Sylvester McCoy, and its brilliant to see him back as the Doctor. And Im not saying Paul isnt any good, as Ive already cleared stated above, its just I would have loved seeing Sylv have the main story and just change at the very end of this very bland movie. Sylv is one of the major factors that stops this film from falling flat on its face.

Daphne Ashbrook is just perfect as Grace Holloway, bringing sensitivity and dare I say it her namesake to her role! Mind you, shes far better acting good than acting bad, as when she is taken over by the Master she looks just tired, not taken over. But her instant rapport with Paul McGann is very strong indeed, and her character also bolsters up this otherwise rather flat tale.

The final good thing is Eric Roberts as the Master, a wonderful choice to play the Doc's arch nemesis. Just a shame he actually, in all respect, doesnt do much except stand around talking and glare nastily at a woman and walk around like a ponce. He would and should have been given such a lot more to do. Though his final confrontation with the Doctor is climactic and startling, I must admit.

Its just all the other aspects of the script that are so run of the mill. One would have expected there to have been a monster for this movie, like the Cybermen or daleks, not just the Master. For this reason alone I was highly saddened by this film. And despite all the films money, the regeneration sequence isnt a lot to write home about. The fact that the Master only wants to take the Doctor's lives and blow up earth isnt a movie blockbuster kind of theme either is it really? No, not in the slightest.

The highest plaudits then to Sylv and Daphne, and Paul Im glad youve been given more in your big finish world than you ever were with this letdown of a film.

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