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By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 24 October 2023
Rating:   7

Ghosts is a rather complicated story. The Time Travellers are still looking for a vacation. They go to the volcanic Hedistic islands, where the locals are now working as servants for a giant corporation that pretty much runs the planet. While on their way, The Professor apparently dies, but how is unclear. This prompts Ace to go on a mad investigation to find out the cause. She believes he was murdered, but how to prove it? The story has an interesting set of distinct characters, well performed. There is a central idea to the whole plot, which explores trauma, painful memory, loss, grief, and the various ways people deal with or do not deal with those feelings. The villain's plan is intimately tied to those feelings, so in many respects the villain is not a villain, just misguided and obsessed. The plan itself stretches credulity for me, even in a science-fantasy production. Overall, I found this story worthwhile.

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