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Episode 2 Is Still A Bit Murky

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 22 September 2023
Rating:   7

The next installment of The Stranger Chronicles starts from the ending of the Eye of the Beholder video. Saul (David Troughton) and Egan (John Wadmore), Soloman's former terrorist partners, have tracked him down and drawn him back into the Interdimensional Web, or so they think. In a remote British locale, a top secret experiment is going on using the extraordinary extrasensory mental powers of a young woman named Meta. As the three preceptor terrorists attempt to escape, her mind encounters them in the Web, breaking a hole in the Web and drawing them back to Earth. As the Web cuts off this location and starts to repair itself, it closes in tighter and tighter on the band stranded at the house - Meta, the lead scientist experimenter, the police/agent government representative, and our three terrorists. In the process, Saul and Egan slowly learn that perhaps the lives of those in the universe are not as worthless and disposable as they thought. As with the previous Stranger Chronicles audio, the acting is pretty good, but the sound design is not. The Interdimensional Web, the Protectorate, and all the rest of the series background still do not make much sense. The Web seems a kind magic, anything the writer wants it to be.

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