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Universes of Opportunity

By:James, England
Date:Tuesday 20 January 2004
Rating:   10

Time Lord has a lot to offer:

FOR THE ROLE-PLAYER: An elegant, easy to use system with the emphasis definately on character interaction and fun instead of combat and rules lawyering. The book is VERY well written, with a great sense of humour and a solid sample adventure. Background sections provide EVERYTHING you need to know; the book does not assume you are a Doctor Who expert and there is never an offputting 'obsessive' feeling; this caters perfectly well to somebody who has seen a few episodes and thinks an RPG would be a laugh. The thing I liked best was the way it captured the genre in the rules; skills like 'Screaming', 'Gloating' and 'Resourceful Pockets' really add to the TV atmosphere and are great fun to roleplay. No real character generation or experience system though, so probably best for running one-off's in the style of the Past Doctor novels and Audio Adventures, rather than camapaigns.

FOR THE WHO FAN: Ideal for somebody who likes the new novels or audio dramas and wants to make their own 'missing episode' with the help of their friends. Rules are very easy to learn if you've not played RPGs before, and can be explained quickly to friends. Although the background section serves as a useful series companion, it can't provide rules for every alien or character in the series, so you may have to write some of your own if you want e.g. the Mara or Rutans, but this should be quite easy.

I'd love to see a new edition, with a classy Black Sheep cover and rules for the 8th Doctor and his companions. Download 'current' edition from and other places!

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