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Decent, If a Bit Confusing

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 22 September 2023
Rating:   7

BBV decided to build out their Stranger Chronicles series of videos by providing a couple of audio prequels. In doing so, they move away from the "alternate Doctor Who" that was the videos. In this series, The Stranger (Colin Baker), here called Solomon, turns out to be a terrorist from another dimension, referred to as "The Web." He is the leader of a terror cell containing two others. They seek to strike against The Protectorate, a shadowy hegemony that apparently protects this dimension and our universe. What the terrorists have against The Protectorate is not entirely clear. So, the terrorists go about primarily killing random people of no consequence to prove that The Protectorate is not all powerful. Beyond that, their actions do not seem to accomplish anything of value. This audio tells of the "last mission" of Solomon when he gets nabbed by The Protectorate, in particular by a Protectorate agent played by Elisabeth Sladen. They have decided to put Solomon through The Estrangement Program, to force him to experience the material universe with no recourse to the interdimensional web, and thus learn the errors of his ways. One can tell that much is left in the murky background. Just what the Web is remains unclear, as do The Protectorate, the motives of the terrorists, and just why the universe should be their battle ground. The acting is all very good. The sound design a bit so-so. The story just feels like the background has not been properly worked out.

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