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Almost as good as first annual

By:Michael Baxter, Coalville, Leicestershire, UK
Date:Sunday 21 April 2002
Rating:   9

We find the Doctor still travelling alone in this second selection of stories. While these tales do not have quite the depth, or length, of those in the preceding annual, there are some memorable ones. My own particular favourite has always been Terror on Tiro, and especially the first two thirds of it, where the Doctor makes his way through a decidedly unfriendly primeval forest, and at one point resorts to climbing into a giant cabbage to snatch some rest. There are no creatures from the series in this volume, though the Zarbi are mentioned once in Terror on Tiro, and a couple of the creatures the Doctor finds imprisoned in The Sons of Grekk look very much like Zarbi and Menoptera. The first annual is harked back to, as in the reference to the planet Kandalinga in Ten Fathom Pirates, thus providing that pleasant feeling of continuity beloved of many Doctor Who fans, myself included. A thousand pities, then, that apart from the one-off story Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space, this volume is the last we see of the Hartnell Doctor and his lone trips through time and space. I’ve felt the lack so much that, for my own pleasure, I resorted to writing another myself, proving I suppose that I really have got it badly!

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